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Yes, the title is supposed to be ironic, but I have been developing and architecting solutions on SharePoint Server and SharePoint Foundation (WSS) for over ten years, mainly in the field of Web Content Management and, more recently, collaboration. Prior to that I used SharePoint 2003, while developing mobile and web-based solutions on both Windows and Unix for Internet banking. Prior to that I developed engineering analysis software. I am a Microsoft Certified Master for SharePoint Server 2010. I also hold the usual bunch of Microsoft certifications, including all the SharePoint ones for the 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions of the product, and I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer. I am a moderator on SharePoint.StackExchange.com, the knowledge exchange site where you can get answers to questions about using and developing with Microsoft SharePoint products. I have been interested in software development since before Microsoft existed; in the days when computers required a special air-conditioned room, software came on magnetic tape, and man still walked on the moon. You can follow me on twitter at @SPDoctor.

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